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Do the  site electric sightseeing cars, electric car, electric and electric vehicles is vintage car, should be the work of the target, it is a light, the light guide us forward, it is a kind of power, let the Philippine science and technology towards a bright future.
Electric sightseeing car, it is appropriate to choose, we create the classic, only for you to have a more comfortable and better living environment.
Electric sightseeing car is a kind of green transportation, the car is beautiful, uniform, uniform color, bright color, modular assembly, low maintenance costs, is the choice of the majority of customers!
The size of the width and height increase, make you more comfortable ride, let your life more beautiful!
We are dedicated to the new LED headlamps, bright colors, so that more beautiful appearance.
Increase the front windshield, not only to expand the driver's vision, but also to ensure the safety of your security for more than a guarantee.
Disk and drum, double loop hydraulic brake, very convenient!
In the appropriate electric sightseeing car, let us witness its growth, witness the success of the future!
Buy electric sightseeing car, look for the Philippines, the one and only choice!

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