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Electric Vehicle User's Guide

Aug 08, 2017

1.Long time parking with full charge

Battery low stage storage is strictly prohibited. He batteries when stored long time in low capacity are easily sulfated and causing lead sulfate crystals attached on the battery plates thus blocking the electric ion channels and result to inadequate charging and battery capacity decline. Therefore, when the batteries are not used, they should be attended at least once a month to maintain their capacity.  

2.Regular battery checking

If the electric vehicle driving range per charge has experienced a sudden decline of some 10 kilometers, then it is probably that there is at least one battery malfunction. The EV should be timely shipped to the sales center or agent for maintenance or repair. This will ensure the life expectance of the battery and save your expenses to the greatest extent.

3.Avoid large current discharge

Try to avoid sudden acceleration of the EV during the starting stage, climbing and loaded. Large current discharge will lead to formation of lead crystals, which can damage the physical properties of the battery plate.

4.Proper charging 

Charging frequency shall be related to the frequency of use and driving range per use. When the red light and yellow light of electrometer both arisen, the batteries should be charged; if only the red light, the EV should stop as soon as possible for charging, otherwise the life expectancy of the batteries will be severally shorten. Recharge short after Full charge should not be too long, otherwise it will lead to excessive charging and cause batteries overheating. Over charge, over discharge and charging deficiency will all shorten the battery’s service time.

5.Prevent extreme exposure

The EVs are prohibited to be exposed in extreme sunlight. High temperature will increase the internal pressure of the battery and evaporate battery water, resulting in decreased battery activity, accelerating the aging of the plate.  

6.Avoid charging plug overheating  

Electric vehicle 220 volt power plug or charger output plug deformation, contact surface oxidation will lead to the plug ovrheating, and if continued will eventually lead to short circuit or poor contact and damage the charger and battery, which bring unnecessary losses to customers. If overheating is detected, replacement should be done in a timely manner. 

7.Cleaning of EV

Electric vehicle cleaning should be in accordance with the normal car wash method, but special attention should be paid to avoid water invasion into the body charging socket and prevent short circuit. 

In the following cases, the paint layer will be peeled off or lead to corrosion of the body and parts, the vehicle must be cleaned immediately. 

8.Frequent attention to tire pressure 

Keep tire pressure at the right amount. Tire pressure must be checked every two weeks or at least once a month. Inappropriate tire pressure will cause excessive power consumption, shorten driving range, reducing driving fun and safety. 

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